Junior Team Tennis
Summer Junior Tennis 2015


Welcome to Colorado Springs Racquet Club

Junior Team Tennis!!

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A few years ago, we had quite a big influx of players here at the Colorado Springs Racquet Club. It was a wonderful experience that I can’t wait to improve on! There will be a few things different this summer, but the commitment stays the same. First and foremost, I want to improve you all as tennis players. You will be expected to work on every aspect of your game in many different ways! A close second to that will be to enjoy yourself! This team has always been about fun and this year will be no different. The practice environment, although intense, will be a comfortable one where any student can come ask a question to any instructor. Our JTT members have been great people on and off the court, and have made wonderful teammates and friends to one another, not only in the summer but after it as well.


Joining team CSRC has the following advantages:


  • TWICE the amount of practice hours per week than most other JTT facilities. Yes, I want you to get better this summer.
  • MULTIPLE certified professionals and Colorado ranked players to learn from, giving you multiple perspectives on your game
  • Intense practices designed to push and improve your game and fitness
  • A beautiful facility at CSRC, offering indoor AND outdoor play, so you can adequately prepare for high school and tournament season
  • Shirts designed by the most creative of creators (me)
  • An end of the summer party paid for and catered to celebrate all of our summer success!
  • You’re going to have fun here. I love running this program, and I think the enthusiasm is infectious!


Important dates:


Sign up deadline for team CSRC is no later than May 25th


May 27th–team creation deadline for the facility at CSRC


May 29th–team minimum of 4 players per team


June 12th—schedules for the summer come out


Monday match dates for the summer: 6/15, 6/22, 6/29 7/6, 7/13 7/20, 7/27


Playoff Matches are played weekend of 8/7-8/9


I’m giving you all these dates so you’ll understand why I have them in place. Really, the only dates that should concern you guys are May 25th(deadline to sign up) and the specific match dates over the summer. I realize everyone has vacations and possibly tournaments that could get in the way, so when I call you before the season starts, I’ll record all your potential conflicts to organize accordingly.



Speaking of conflicts, I do my best to try to deliver the most bang for your buck. More hours on court means more tennis balls hit, more competition, and more improvement!! With the amount of players and levels, there are many different opportunities to play different player styles! Our Teams last year sent SIX OUT OF EIGHT to the state playoffs in August!!


Boys and girls teams 15-18; 14 and under:


$270 Member base price

$350 Non-member base price


Boys and girls team 12 and under; 10 and under:


$170 Member base price

$220 Non member base price


I challenge you to compare the price of others to hours on the court!!

Speaking of hours on the court, here are your practice times this summer.


Boys and Girls 18 and under:


Wednesdays                   2:30—4:30pm

Thursdays            2:30—4:30


Boys and Girls 14 and under:


Wednesdays                   2:30—4:30pm

Thursdays            2:30—4:30


As for the younger groups, I will be personally run the practices (something introduced last year) to ensure as much attention as needed. Barring a GIGANTIC sign up, it will be me alone running practices for:


Boys and Girls 12 and under:


Wednesdays                   1:30—2:30pm

Thursdays            1:30—2:30


Boys and Girls 10 and under:


Wednesdays                   1:30—2:30pm

Thursdays            1:30—2:30