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Permanent Court 2021/2022
Pricing and Information

PCT will begin Monday, August 30, 2021  and end Sunday April 17th (evenings) and April 24 (daytime) 2022


What is Permanent Court?

The purchase of a PCT guarantees the PCT owners the use of that court without the need to call in the court reservations each week.  The PCT amount must be paid up front for the fall, winter, and spring season.  If you wish to pay with cash we must receive the money by August 27th, 2021.  All others will be billed the entire fee. 


Permanent Court day and times may be renewed if your 2021-2022 permanent court consists of at least 50% of last year’s participants.  A listing of participants and the amount each participant should be charged must be received no later than August 25th  to be able to take advantage of this offering.  After August 25th, your last years PCT will be available to other members for purchase.

 For new permanent court applicants: There is a listing below of all permanent courts available.  Some may not be available until after August 25th.  We will update this list with the available PCT after this date.  At that time, you may purchase your PCT by giving The Club the day and time you want, along with the names of the participants and the amount each participant should be charged.  This should be completed by August 27th, 2021.  If a participant wants to pay cash, we must receive the money by August 27th.  All others will be billed their entire fee. 

Non-members cannot be a regular participant on PCT.  Guest fees must be paid for guests who occasionally play on permanent court time.  Guests must follow club rules and are restricted to two visits per month.

The club will not be responsible for selling court time or collecting money for time not used by the PCT owner (s).  If a sub is needed it will be your responsibility to find one.  The club staff cannot be responsible to find substitute players for permanent court.  Buying PCT does not guarantee you a specific court number-it may vary.  The club will try to alternate court assignments whenever possible.

In the event that two new PCT requests are made for the same time and day, a DRAWING will determine who will be awarded that PCT.



The following are dates and times when PCT will not be held.

September 6-Labor Day

November 25--Thanksgiving—CLUB CLOSED


McPherson Cup Mixed Doubles Tournament

Sunday November 28-Friday December 3

AFTER 6:00 PM (Friday, 4:30)


Winter Break

December 24-January 1


Spring Break & Pikes Peak Open USTA tournament…

men’s, women’s, singles/doubles & mixed all levels

March 21-March 27…Mon.-Sun.

No Permanent Courts all week


Court times and numbers of courts available and how many weeks you will be billed for.


                                                             Club Court Rates:  These rates are based on current hourly rates (established September 1, 2020)


                      Monday-Friday                            Saturday                                       Sunday

             7:00am-8:30am  $16.00/hr        7:00am-8:30am  $18.00/hr             All day  $18.00/hr

             8:30am-4:30 pm  $18.00/hr       8:30am-6:00pm  $20.00/hr       

            4:30pm-10:30pm  $20.00/hr       6:00pm-7:30pm  $18.00/hr        


           Court Rates/hr    29 weeks    30 weeks    31 weeks   32 weeks    33 weeks    34 weeks

                $16.00              $696.00       $720.00      $744.00      $768.00       $792.00       $816.00

                $18.00              $783.00       $810.00      $837.00      $864.00       $891.00       $918.00

                $20.00              $870.00       $900.00      $930.00      $960.00       $990.00       $1020.00


Time/Day          Sunday          Monday        Tuesday        Wednesday         Thursday        Friday        Saturday

7:00-8:30                                                                                                                                                           2(32)

8:30-10:00         2(31)               2(31)               1(32)                1(32)                    1(31)              2(31)              1(32)

10:00-11:30         0                    2(31)                  0                       0                       2(31)              1(31)                  0

11:30-1:00           0                    2(31)                  0                    2(32)                   2(31)               2(31)                  0

1:00-2:30             0                    2(31)               2(32)                 2(32)                   2(31)               2(31)                  0

1:30-3:00             0                    2(31)               2(32)                 2(32)                   2(31)               2(31)                  0

3:00-4:30         2(31)                  2(31)                  0                     2(32)                      0                  2(31)                  0

4:30-6:00             0                    2(31)                  0                     2(32)                      0                  2(29)                  0

6:00-7:30  &7:30-9:00                                                                                            0(29)                 0                      0

NOTE:  These times may no longer be available due to renewals.